Increase revenue by understanding your customers needs, wants, and desires. in Chapter 2 of Branding is Sex, brand expert, Deb Gabor, describes how understanding Maslow's hierarchy of needs helps your brand get
to the top of the pyramid.

Brand Values Pyramid

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Get the opportunity to learn branding from the expert herself, deb gabor, during her 8 hour brand workshop. Deb shows you how to:

- Define and articulate your brand’s core DNA
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- Identify your brand’s most compelling advantages to customers

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"Given her accolades as a dynamic speaker, business visionary and exceptional marketing consultant, it should be no surprise that Deb Gabor delivers much more with
“Branding is Sex” than a clever title. Her insight provides a compelling
resource to a broad range of professionals and executives,
and she
delivers it in a style that makes it enjoyable AND informative."

— Brad Mixner,
CEO Yotta Data Technologies