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My guidance can be shocking to some. Hear what this CEO had to say about the advice I gave him that helped him go on to raise over $80M

“I needed somewhat of a shock, from somebody I really trusted. And I was actually right. It resulted in years of painful work. If I'm candid and truthful. But, oh my God. I mean, the business has grown by about 100% and even more. We've basically doubled in size, within, I think, about two years, of completing the project with her. And it required a ton of hard and painful work, but it actually paid off. 

The business is a growing business, now, and we have a way of articulating our promise, and our value to customers, in a way that makes the competition irrelevant ... as soon as we say it. It's almost like a crown jewel. It's like an internal concept, or a promise, that makes us really, really proud of. Every time we get to articulate it to a prospective customer, it feels amazing, because it's like, we get our own drop the mic moment.” - Tim Hamilton, CEO, Praxent 

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