8 Hour Brand Workshop

Build a brand that sells—in just 8 hours

Pay what you think it's worth. That's right, you read this correctly. We feel so strongly about the value of this program, that we are guaranteeing everyone who attends will get at least $2,500 worth of financial value—either in the form of new marketing opportunities we identify or in savings associated with stopping the madness of wasted marketing dollars. After you attend the workshop, we will send an email asking you to name your price based on the value you received. 

ABOUT 8 HOUR BRAND: Build a brand you can be proud of. In only one day, get personal guidance through a precise system that enables you to get your product or service to stand out. Your competitors are spending exorbitant amounts of time and money trying to get brand strategy right. You can outpace and outsmart your competition by getting this strategic undertaking completed in ONE 8 HOUR DAY.



Upcoming Workshop:


June, 28th 2018
Serendipity Labs
Dallas, TX
Lunch provided




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