Outsmart and outpace the competition by knocking out this important strategic effort in a single day. Walk away from the 8 Hour Brand workshop immediately able to implement the most profitable and actionable brand strategies. 

During the 8 Hour Brand workshop, you will identify and articulate what is uniquely singular about you. Help customers and employees "get it." Entice customers to choose you.


Here’s how this works:

You have a need for brand strategy. You may need to come up with the right visual identity, the right positioning, or the myriad of outcomes that can be driven from customer engagement…

That’s where we come in.

We’ll band together and spend an 8 hour day with you filled with brand love.


  • Define and articulate your brand’s core DNA

  • Differentiate meaningfully from the competition

  • Identify your brand’s most compelling advantages to customers


I needed somewhat of a shock, from somebody I really trusted…now we have a way of articulating our promise, and our value to customers, in a way that makes the competition irrelevant...as soon as we say it. Every time we get to articulate it to a prospective customer, it feels amazing, because it’s like we get our own drop the mic moment.”
— Tim Hamilton, CEO Praxent
Deb is my go-to branding and marketing guru. I’ve booked her for events and classes of such a wide range and am never disappointed by the strength of content and engaging exercises she’s brought to each one. Her speaking style can’t be described as anything less than captivating.”
— Candice Digby, Speaker Organizer, General Assembly
Deb helped us identify our ideal customer persona with the right voice in our messaging...which massively increased our efficiency in sales and revenue and product development. We spend less time talking to bad potential customers because they’re not as attracted to our message.”
— Adam Lieb, CEO Innervate


Define and document your brand’s core DNA
in one 8-hour, hands-on workshop.

Build a brand you can be proud of. In only one day, get personal guidance through a precise system that enables you to get your product or service to stand out. And not just stand out in a vulgar, obnoxious way, but in a manner where your customer knows exactly why they're choosing you over the competition.

After the intensive workshop, you will walk out able to answer these important questions. 

Who is our ideal customer?

Who is our
ideal customer?

How can we differentiate meaningfully from the competition?

How can we differentiate meaningfully from the competition?

What can we do to make our customers irrationally loyal?

What can we do to make our customers irrationally loyal?

How can we create brand language that empowers?

How can we create brand language that empowers?


Attend this one day session and walk out ready to: 

  • Roll out new messaging to use in sales, digital marketing, PR, social media, and other activities.

  • Update creative brand elements such as logos, color schemes, web pages, and advertising campaigns.

  • Indoctrinate your team to your brand strategy and messaging.

Here’s what you’ll do in just one day: 

  • Discover and create a brand experience your customers can’t get anywhere else.

  • Define a category from which you operate that’s clear in your customers’ minds.

  • Profile the customer most highly predictive or your success using the Ideal Customer Archetype method.

  • Hack Maslow’s Hierarchy to define functional, emotional and self expressive benefits and their long-term effects on the relationship you have with your customers.

  • Anchor your brand’s role in your customer’s journey using classic storytelling archetypes.

  • Dial in your brand’s personality and inform creative development and “voice” by defining its human characteristics.

  • Create a highly actionable brand canvas that serves as a one-page communication operating system for your brand.

  • Write your brand’s manifesto—a declarative brand statement that articulates your brand’s values and attributes— so you can draw ideal customers to you like a magnet.

  • Walk out of the session ready to start or finish the creative process that reveals your brand to the market.